Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Singapore 2023

Researchers are working on using embryonic stem cell therapy to treat type 1 diabetes, which happens when the immune system destroys the beta cells in the pancreas that make insulin. Researchers have found a way to turn human embryonic stem cells into ones known as pancreatic progenitor cells. These can then mature into insulin-making beta cells.

is stem cell therapy legal in malaysia

Majority of stem cell research for diabetes is concentrated on Type 1 diabetes as it can be traced to the loss of a single cell type, the beta islet cell. Beta cells (β cells) are a type of cell found in pancreatic islets that produce and secrete insulin. In patients with type I or type II diabetes, beta-cell mass and function are diminished, leading to insufficient insulin secretion and high blood sugar.

Currently, two approaches are being used in research, using stem cells as beta-cell producing factories or as a beta cell repair catalyst. Both methods have the same goal which is to return the insulin to normal levels. Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) are running clinical trials and have a number of patients that are living insulin free after receiving a transplant of donor islet cells.

There are many ongoing efforts to understand how stem cell therapy is able to help people with diabetes. One of the main centres is the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, where you can view the areas of research being conducted specifically to understand diabetes.

The public may search a database of NIH-sponsored clinical trials at Enter the search terms of interest (e.g., diabetes mellitus and stem cells) to search for applicable clinical trials.

Update 2020: A review, published in the Progress in Stem Cell journal suggested a combination of antioxidants, growth factors or hormones along with MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) in optimal combinations and concentrations for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

Hospitals and Medical Centres offering Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Singapore

Commercial treatments for stem cell therapy for diabetes are yet to be available in Singapore. If any registered medical practitioners or institutions want to administer stem cells as a form of medical treatment for diabetes in Singapore, it would have to be conducted within the context of clinical trials.

Still, a growing number of clinics in the region are offering stem cell therapy to treat diabetes. According to, there are multiple clinics in Malaysia offering stem cell therapy for diabetes.

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