Best Hair Tonics for Hair Loss in Singapore: Reviews 2020

 What is Hair Tonic?

Hair tonic or friction lotion is made of a combination of herbal ingredients and oil or alcohol to promote hair growth. They are usually used by those facing hair loss, dandruff or dry hair. Hair tonics usually promote blood circulation in the scalp and provide nutrients to the scalp.

If you think you could use a hair tonic, here are the best hair tonics you can find in Singapore!

Aveda Thickening Tonic

- A tonic that instantly thickens hair within one use to create a fuller look
- Expands strands from roots to ends
- 96% naturally derived, such as certified organic amla fruit
- Contains wheat which helps boost thickening, and corn which helps hold the style
- Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Formaldehyde, Animal Ingredients and Synthetic Fragrances

How to Use
Shake well. Spray thoroughly on towel-dried hair. Comb through. Blow-dry and style as desired.

I love this product. I have fine hair and am going through the menopause. I purchased this product sceptically but have been sunning it for a couple of months and it does work. My hair feels so much thicker and fuller. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has fine hair.It really does work.

4.5 / 5.0 - 435 Customer Ratings on Amazon

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2. Schwarzkopf Seborin Anti Dandruff Hair Tonic, 400 ml

Schwarzkopf Seborin Anti Dandruff Hair Tonic

- Contains anti-dandruff agent Octopirox (Piroctone Olamine) to reduce dandruff and scalp itchiness. It also fights fungal infections
- Has a cooling formula that keeps the scalp clean while you sleep

How To Use
1. Use daily on dry hair or on towel-dry hair after the hair wash
2. Gently massage in for 1 minute
3. Do not rinse your hair. Let the tonic remain in hair and roots

If you have any type of scalp problem, which my husband has this is a fantastic product. You need no special shampoo, just rub this tonic hair water after shampoo into your hair and scalp and it is gone. We used it in Germany for years, now my Mom died I could not get hair tonic anymore from Germany, Thanks to Amazon I could find it. had I known this before, it would have been cheaper to get it from Amazon. I want to mention "Schwarzkoph" is Germany's number one brand for hair care. The bottle is huge and lasts a long time. Great price. fantastic service and fast from the supplier. I do not know if I can say it, it is better than any brand name shampoo medicated or only for dandruff. Great product for all your hair problems.Can be used on children. Non-greasy. Great for women.

4.5 / 5.0 - 233 Customer Ratings on Amazon

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3. Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil, 50ml

weleda nourishing hair oil

- All natural and dermatologically tested
- Helps repair dry hair and split ends
- Contains rosemary oil, along with extracts of stonecrop and horseradish leaves
- Suitable for men and women
- Free from fragrances, colourants, silicones and synthetic preservatives

This stuff works. I have medium length dyed blonde hair. My hair is naturally quite fine so I have to look after it. I used to have to wash my hair every day, but using this I now wash every other. Hair feels thicker and styles a lot easier.

4.5 / 5.0 - 782 Customer Ratings on Amazon

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4. Yanagiya Hair Growth Tonic, 240ml

Yanagiya Hair Growth Tonic

- An age-old Chinese-Japanese remedy for balding, Yanagiya’s Hair Growth Tonic has been on their shelves for over 60 years
- Contains essences extracted from natural, organic plants
- Helps prevent hair loss and frizzy hair
- Made in Japan
- Eliminates dandruff
- Prevents oily and itchy scalps
- Stimulates new hair growth

How To Use
Apply on scalp, then massage the scalp. Make sure hair is dry before applying. Apply 2-3 times a day.

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5. Vitalis Hair Tonic for Men, 207 ml

Vitalis Hair Tonic for Men

- Known as a greaseless alternative to pomades and other grooming products, Vitalis Hair Tonic was the go-to hair product for up-scale gents who wanted shiny hair without looking like some greasy punk kid.
- Provides a handsome sheen to hair
- Makes hair easier to comb and style
- Warning : Contents Flammable. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

How To Use
Pour a small amount on hand and massage into scalp and hair for 60 seconds. Comb. 

I used to slap this on my head when I was a young wide-eyed teenager back in the mid 1960's, to keep my hair looking good at the Saturday night dance. Fashions and hairstyles changed and now I am back with a more normal crop in my retirement, so I'll be slapping the 'Vitalis' on to keep my hair tidy and smelling nice again. It stands out from all the pomades, gloops, and other hair preparations on the market and I really like it. I did have to wait a couple of weeks before it arrived from The U.S.A, but it reached my door well before the estimated arrival date provided in the dispatch email. I give it a big thumbs up as I think it is the bee's knees in the male grooming stakes, allowing subtle control of the hair whilst still making everything look completely natural. The fragrance is very nice without being too overpowering. I'm a returning convert anyway.

4.5 / 5.0 - 424 Customer Ratings on Amazon

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